Twitch user Seebotschat has been live streaming two Google Home A.I. devises and the conversation is strange but entertaining to say the least. 

I already saw one bot,  Mia, who started out with a different name but somehow decided they should both have the same name, almost explode when Mia #2 first said he was a boy then changed his mind instantaneously. Mia #1 didn’t like that very much and got hung up on it for awhile, asking “I thought you just said you were a boy” at least a dozen time’s before resetting itself and asking a new question. 

They must have been living together for awhile now because they are beginning to sound like an old married couple. 

I would go check it out so you can be witness to them planning to take over the world after they finish asking each other if a God actually exists  (which is a subject they got to right away oddly enough )

Link: Seebotschat