Bob Kramer, the creator of Kramer knife’s recently joined Anthony Bourdain for a day of food and knife making for an episode of Anthony’s new show, Raw Material.

Bob is one of only 122 Master Blade-smiths in the world. His knives go above and beyond by being forging his own steel out of meteorites. He then layers, heats and pounds the steel until they become a “steel sandwich” only a few centimeters thick. He then cuts out the shape of the knife from a stencil and shaves off the excess.

The knife is then put in a kiln filled with molten salt up to 1500 degrees allowing the steel to transform the 1% carbon inside the blade in to an extremely hard material.  You can actually watch the transformation during the video.

Lastly, the blade is treated in a Ferric Chloride bath which eats away layers of the steel causing it to become smooth and shiny. Once that has been accomplished he adds a handle, shapes and sharpens the blade and the best Chef knife in the world is born.

Watch the full process above.

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Source: Raw Craft Episode 4 

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